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Headshots of Mark Parrinello, Senior Vice President of Worldwide Sales at SentinelOne, and Joe Vitalone, Chief Revenue Officer at Extreme Networks
Headshots of Mark Parrinello, Senior Vice President of Worldwide Sales at SentinelOne, and Joe Vitalone, Chief Revenue Officer at Extreme Networks

When the revenue leaders at Extreme Networks hold meetings, they don’t create separate presentations, or spend hours (maybe days) pouring over spreadsheets.

They just pull up Clari. 

They even use Clari even when they’re presenting to their board of directors, for an easy-access, of-the-minute, single source of truth that provides a holistic snapshot of the entire book of business, as well as the ability to drive into any deal, in an instant, at a board member’s request. 

“Whether you're an account executive, a partner manager, or you're a regional director, a vice president, or a senior vice president … it allows everybody to have a license and have input and see the data,” explains Joe Vitalone, Chief Revenue Officer at Extreme Networks.

Vitalone spoke during Clari’s Generation Revenue 2021 virtual conference, held May 11-12 on Hopin. As revenue operations has grown—Gartner predicts that 75% of high-growth companies will deploy revenue operations by 2025, dubbing the trend “the Revenue Operations Imperative”—a new breed of business leadership has emerged. 

Generation Revenue does not tolerate silos or accept conjecture. This movement knows transparency and accountability are absolutely critical to the success of revenue teams and the businesses they serve. 

Clari’s customers are some of the early adopters of revenue operations — high-growth companies that are paving the way for their peers. 

At GenR 2021, Vitalone, as well as Mark Parrinello, Senior Vice President of Worldwide Sales at SentinelOne, and Dan Jacobs, Vice President of Commercial Finance and Sales Operations at Finastra, discussed the role of revenue operations in their company and how they’re using Clari to power their RevOps function.

Since Vitalone joined Extreme Networks in June of 2020, the company’s stock has tripled, in spite of the pandemic. Vitalone explains that Clari helped Extreme Networks maintain consistent communication internally and with their customers as they moved to a work-from-home environment during the lockdown.

“There's no excuses in the big leagues,” Vialone says. “You've got to hit the ball and put it in play. We did that, and Clari helped in a huge way. It gave us predictability and strong visibility into our deals.”

Revenue Operations Supports Scaling With Confidence

Operationalizing your revenue process is a necessity for all hypergrowth companies.

When your entire go-to-market team, from marketing to sales to customer success, are aligned on the metrics, goals, and strategies, you can scale faster and more efficiently.

Fast-growing companies need full visibility of their real-time sales and growth data to continue steady growth.

“I can't imagine when you're scaling like that to not have the visibility that Clari gives us,” says Mark Parrinello, Senior Vice President of Worldwide Sales at SentinelOne.

SentinelOne had a 65 person sales team with 120 total employees when they started with Clari, in the spring of 2020. Now, they employ 140 sales pros and 320 total people. 

When companies are growing quickly, like SentinelOne, they can struggle to keep pace with a quickly scaling sales funnel, from new leads to account management, along with tracking management conversations, employee onboarding, and potential holes in accounts and other missed opportunities.

This is where Clari comes in.

“To me, Clari now is like comfort food,” Parinello explains. “If you were to get a CRO on the phone with me, I would be like, ‘How ...can you do it without something like Clari? I can't even imagine it.”

Specifically, Parrinello draws comfort in being able to quickly pull up metrics across different regions, especially metrics that dig down to a very granular level.

Revenue Operations Creates Stability

With visibility comes stability. A RevOps function helps all sellers, marketers, and customer success professionals work together to power the revenue engine and drive consistent revenue.

“You can't hide behind an Excel sheet that was created four days earlier and come to a forecast meeting going, ‘my number’s different. I updated this and that and have new information.’ Nope. It’s all real time,” says Dan Jacobs, Vice President of Commercial Finance and Sales Operations at Finastra.

Since Finastra started working with Clari, Jacobs stopped having those “my numbers are different” conversations with this team. Using a program that shows sales and opportunity metrics in real-time has created a new level of stability for his revenue teams. Now he knows that everyone is working off of the same numbers all the time.

Join the Movement

Extreme Networks, Finastra, and SentinelOne have found success with Clari in part because their leadership has driven adaptation. Clari’s customer success and account management teams also prides itself on the relationships our teams build with our customers. We aren’t just technical support or training, we are strategic partners, working to understand our customers' strategic growth initiatives and the challenges they face, so we can help them use Clari to operationalize growth

This isn't sales operations as usual. Revenue operations leaders are creating a new profession, and this is why we called generation revenue a movement. Join the movement by booking a demo and see how Clari can partner with you as you grow.

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