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Capture Every Revenue-critical Signal with Clari Capture

Clari Capture reduces the manual work of CRM data entry by automatically capturing deal activity across email, calendar, calls, and more.

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Improve your revenue team’s productivity with data quality and activity auto capture

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Give your reps time back to sell

Clari automatically captures contact and activity data from emails, meetings, calls, calendars, and more to build a complete record of revenue data that’s accurately matched to the right account and opportunity.

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Engage the entire buying committee

Help reps identify what matters most to drive deals forward. Track things like who’s engaged on deals and what key personas are missing, so teams can focus on building relationships with the entire buying committee.

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Accelerate your time to revenue

Power workflows with a complete, accurate record of revenue. Use automatically captured contacts to re-engage lost opportunities, nurture the entire buying group, run targeted campaigns, or measure attribution on won deals.

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Automate data auto-capture with Clari Capture

Watch how the Clari Revenue Platform can help you drive the most complete and intelligent revenue process.

Winning revenue teams use Clari Capture to accelerate their revenue

Previously tracking pipeline in CRM was doable, but required tedious data entry and couldn't show a complete view of my deals. Clari captures all opportunities into a single view so I can plan my follow-ups more strategically.


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Every drop of revenue counts

Stop revenue leak and take back what's yours.