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Stop Revenue Leak with Clari's Purpose-Built Revenue Database

Only RevDB ensures your revenue data is complete, actionable, and effortless to use - powering your business to turn revenue leak into revenue precision.

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Solve revenue’s most difficult data challenges with RevDB

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Power revenue-specific workflows

RevDB is the only database purpose-built to support revenue workflows. RevDB cleans and formats data, tailoring it to your revenue org. This way, revenue teams can run custom analytics, ingest and act upon consumption data, and much more.


Customers are seeing up to a 95% increase in forecast accuracy (Clari Labs).

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Win more with powerful AI and machine learning

RevDB is the industry’s largest revenue database. This means our ML and AI have the best revenue data to train our purpose-built models. It finds meaningful historical patterns in your workflows and uses AI and ML to predict future outcomes — eliminating revenue leak.


Customers have seen a 10% reduction in slipped deals (A commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Clari).


Configure and scale effortlessly

RevDB auto-scales to support enterprise datasets with minimal setup and maintenance. With RevDB, you’ll have full confidence your revenue data is safe, configurable, and scalable, no matter the size or complexity of your business.

The best revenue-focused teams use RevDB

Clari provides the most complete view of my business I’ve ever had available in one place. Being able to talk about the business up and down the organization in a consistent way has given clarity and insight to what I previously couldn’t provide.


John Moore, VP of Sales at Kofax

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Every drop of revenue counts

Stop revenue leak and take back what's yours.