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Collaborate and Close with Clari Align

Accelerate your sales cycle, build buyer trust, and prove undeniable value from day 1.

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De-risk your sales cycle with buyer collaboration

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Make your case

Conversion rate suffers when your reps can't qualify early based on customer outcomes. Align's collaborative microsites are easy for any rep to spin up to make their case. Lay out business objectives and resources so your team can progress to the next deal stage.

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Make your plan

Uplevel your entire team while reducing buyer risk with customizable mutual action plan templates. MAPs are flexible for any buyer's needs so you can control and tailor your sales strategy.

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Make it happen

March toward your goals in partnership with your buyer. Align houses everything you need for your deal cycle in one place. Manage stakeholders through transparent timelines and keep everyone accountable.

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Everything you need to run revenue

Create, convert, and close from one place with the Clari Revenue Platform and Align. Align provides a layer of intent data in your inspection and forecast that you can't get anywhere else. Rep activity tracking tells you what happened; only Align tells you what didn't happen.

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Close the loop between insight and action

See how to identify and stop all areas of revenue leak—so you can call and hit your number.

The best closers use Clari Align

Our reps now have an easy-to-use and repeatable process that improves the buying experience and increases buyer engagement. It allows reps to easily create a mutual workback calendar in partnership with the customer and ensures reps are properly aligning to the customers’ business objectives and validating solution fit all in one place.


Nick Kukulski, Director of Sales Operations at Kofax

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Every drop of revenue counts

Stop revenue leak and take back what's yours with Clari Align.